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150 Million Dollar Project (Phase I):
World—Class Luxury Golf and Casino Resort in Ghana


A luxury golf and casino resort on a 1,170 acres of land in the southern coast of Ghana. This gorgeous property was designed with indulgence in mind, featuring 100 acres of coastline and 74 acres golf course. It will be marketed as one of the must play greens around the world, as well as a wonderful family resort.
  • Resort Features:
    Spa and heath/fitness facilities; waster activities; golf course; vacation apartments; hotel suites and rooms; and a retail and entertainment district.
  • Resort Premises Include:
    Conference facilities that are fully equipped to mange large-scale events and small-to-medium-sized corporate meetings and functions.
  • Expected Completion Time:
    2.5 Years

150 Million Dollar Project (Phase I):
A Revolutionary Smart City of Residential and
Commercial Units in Barbados


A smart city with residential and commercial units developed on 233 acres of land in Barbados. This innovative development will create an entirely digital city with hotspots, renewable energy resources and government services conducted through mobile platforms.
  • Phase 1:
    233 single family homes; 60 affordable condos and 388 town homes.
  • Phase 2:
    200 unit condo hotels; 121 single family houses; 126 family luxury homes and 50 luxury condos.
  • Auxiliary Features:
    Community, heritage and Gilboa reserve parks, lakes, school, fish farm, amphitheater and waste treatment.
  • Expected Completion Time:
    3 Years

An Exclusive Community of Custom Homes in Guyana


Home development that lets you feel like you’re a million miles away, with the convenience of everything you want right around the corner.
  • Location:
    Republic Gardens, East bank of Demerara
  • Floor Plans:
    Ranging from 1,800 square feet on the first and second floor to over 3,000 square feet. Gated community with private secured entrance.
  • Project Highlight:
    Enjoy the prestige, convenient location to excellent schools, shopping, restaurants, movie theatre and casino.
  • Expected Completion Time:
    2 Years

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