Devolve Token Sale

    Contribute to Devolve Developer’s token sale and participate in the international real estate development market to gain access to this high yielding environment

    Why Own Devolve Tokens?

    • Collateralized by global real estate asset value
    • Devolve token democratizes the global real estate market through a decentralized network
    • Token value is driven by development projects’ profitability, growth of the platform and utility of the token

    Benefits of Devolve Developer

    • Access the unused investment capacity in real estate development projects
    • Secured partnerships with highly qualified developers and city government urban planning divisions
    • Global team of real estate experts with over 60 years of experience

    Devolve Developer is conducting a token sale for potential contributors to gain access to the high yielding real estate development marketplace. With direct investment in our continuously expanding pipeline of development projects that currently spans across 3 continents, we will conduct an opened token sale until the hard target is attained. We anticipate that DVX tokens acquired during the token sale will be heavily discounted against subsequent trading values in secondary markets with the incessant accumulation of projects available for contribution.


    The token sale will be conducted in three stages with purchase discounts offered to early contributors that will decay throughout the token sale cycle. The market price is set at $0.06 USD and may increase based on demand determined by the facility to tokenize real estate development projects, the proficiency to capitalize in this lucrative market and the accessibility of services offered on the Devolve Platform. Devolve tokens are built upon the ERC-20 token protocol and will accordingly accept payment in ETH and additionally BTC during the token sale. Minimum and maximum contributions will be defined at each stage of the token sale. Register and stay connected for future announcements and updates.

    • DVX: ERC-20 token
    • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
    • Token purchase: ETH, BTC
    • Soft cap: 250,000,000 DVX
    • Hard cap: 600,000,000 DVX
    • Token Price: $0.09 USD to $0.10 USD per DVX


    Coin Distribution

    Fund Allocation

    Token Sale Timeline

    • Private Sale

      Open Now
      $0.09 USD per token
      Target: 250M DVX sold
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    • Pre-Sale

      Coming Soon
      $0.094 USD per token
      Target: 200M DVX sold
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    • Public Sale

      Coming Soon*
      $0.10 USD per token
      Target: 150M DVX sold
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    *Start date of the public sale is contingent upon the completion date of the pre-sale. Public sale will commence up to 15 days after the pre-sale has ended. Please join our telegram channel, visit the website and subscribe to receive updates.

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