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Business Composition

Devolve Developer is a revolutionary real estate developer with an open real estate platform. Our goal is to provide access to global real estate development investment opportunities to individuals at any contribution level by leveraging the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

Real estate development projects can be a highly lucrative vehicle that can grow your investment portfolio with greater speed and security than most other investments. Our goal is to provide access to the high yielding real estate development industry through a risk adjusted real estate portfolio that would not otherwise be accessible to individuals.

Devolve Developer has a multi-faceted platform that will initially be centered on providing an array of development projects by establishing relationships with industry leading developers with varying yield-to-risk ratios to appeal to token holders individual needs and risk appetite. Further development of the platform will permit title transfer and other related real estate commerce transactions supported by real estate protocols, title registry and price indexing.

Devolve Developer’s strategy is to accumulate a diverse portfolio of development properties from greenfield to subdivision to repurpose and redevelopment, that will credibly yield high returns. We dedicate substantial time and effort to researching and assessing each project’s tokenization by running the projects through our risk and profitability models. Projects are selected after rigorous due diligence and analytical diagnostics to ensure they inhibit a comprehensive strategy, proficient execution and exceptional value.

A decentralized infrastructure shifts trust traditionally awarded to institutions, bureaucracy, hierarchy and systems of governance to an inherent property within a network based platform. We will leverage this attribute to provide a new platform for trust that is global, open and completely borderless and egalitarian. The adoption of blockchain technology created the opportunity to offer the unconventional approach of transacting with high value real estate assets exclusively through a digital platform. The induction of smart contracts has digitized this industry by sanctioning progressive real estate transactions and commerce activities and by allowing the tokenization of real estate assets.

Our platform will record every executed transaction, creating accessibility, transparency and immutability of data that can be easily verified by peers. Additionally, smart contracts administers governance beyond the inherent technology allowing buyers and sellers to transact on the network with confidence.

Tokenization of global real estate development projects provide the following benefits:

  1. Translates a traditionally illiquid asset into instant liquidity through the readily tradeable tokens that accelerate transaction processing, that creates a more efficient system
  2. Lowering barriers to entry and increasing access to the high yielding global development project market
  3. Asset backed tokens maintain their value through their exposure to the relatively stable real estate assets that hedge against the volatile cryptocurrency market

Yes, Devolve token is an integral part of our business model as it grants access to users to participate in our platform programs. Interested parties will pay for the token and then utilize the token to contribute to our Development Project Rewards Program, gain accurate related real estate information to conduct real estate commerce transactions or leverage the token’s purchase power with our affiliated merchants.

We have a pipeline of global development projects prepared for your immediate contribution in the Development Project Rewards Program. Future development will incorporate the enhancement of the Development Project Rewards Program through the utility of a decentralized network that will facilitate the accurate distribution of information and efficient transactions by reducing costs and increasing benefits for the global real estate marketplace.

Devolve Developer’s team leverage their experience and of the real estate and development market to conduct risk adjusted valuation modeling for projects. Devolve Developer’s risk management approach is founded upon economic conditions, location and market segmentation models and enables the identification, analysis and response to risk factors throughout the life of the project.

Devolve Developer’s founder and CEO Keith Ly assembled a team with over 60 years expertise with real estate development and experience with distributive technology.  Prior to Devolve Developer Keith had extensive exposure in buying land, rezoning land and building subdivisions where he established significant relationships with substantial local developers and local government’s planning and development departments.  Devolve Developer’s team, with the guidance of industry leading advisors, have secured several prestigious real estate development opportunities for immediate participation.

Devolve Developer has a unique and sustainable investment based business model that receives profit from every development project.

Devolve Developer is the first blockchain-based global real estate platform for development projects.  We will reshape the real estate industry with the emergence of a new business model focusing on:

  1. Employing a decentralized system that increases efficiencies and reduces costs by leveling the investment field through the creation of a secure platform with authenticated transactions where trust is implicit in every transaction through the use of smart contracts.
  2. Creating better, faster, cheaper real estate transactions.  Information gathering will be conducted on the blockchain which will increase efficiencies and ensure accuracy with the standardization of forms and transactions.
  3. Empowering individuals around the world with a trusted and transparent technology, discarding many of the conventional hindrances and creating a fully interconnected global economy that is completely peer-to-peer contributing to improved worldwide capital flow.
  4. Becoming the new global standard by unlocking the flow of private funds across international boundaries in pursuit of higher returns and creating accessibility to global real estate development inventory.

Devolve token (DVX) is the native token on the Devolve platform and will be used for participating in our development projects.

Devolve tokens are secured by international real estate asset value. Additional value is driven by development projects’ profitability, growth of the platform and utility of the token.
The added benefit of trading tokens on exchanges and the purchasing power with our affiliated merchants contribute to the token’s worth.

Devolve token (DVX) is $0.09 USD to $0.10 USD at the time of writing.

Token Sale

To participate in the Devolve token sale, you can purchase DVX token with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).

Yes.  Devolve token is based on the Ethereum platform and is ERC20-compliant.

You can hold your DVX tokens in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. A popular wallet is MyEtherWallet.

No.  For security purposes wallets are required.

The minimum amount during the token sale is 100 DVX tokens

During the token sale we will use CoinPayments.net as the rate provider.

The pre-sale will be coming soon. The public sale will commence any time up to 15 days after the pre-sale is over and will continue until the hard cap is reached.

Unlike traditional ICOs, Devolve Developer has lined up an array of development projects for immediate participation. The hard cap is to sell 600M tokens and we’ve opened the timing to ensure that the cap is met to take advantage of the development opportunities. The more money raised, the more capital invested in projects, the greater the rewards received by token holders who participate and the greater the value of the Devolve token.

We will not accept funds above 600,000,000 DVX tokens.

Devolve Developer is raising approximately $100M USD to contribute to real estate development projects where token holders can receive exponential returns by participating in these projects.

Devolve tokens are capped at 1,000,000,000 of which 60% will be sold through the token sale, 25% is reserved for business development and the remaining 15% is retained for the team, partners, and advisors.

Unfortunately US and Canadian citizens are not permitted to participate in any phase of our token sale.

The token pre-sale will commence soon, and ends when the token issue cap is reached. The minimum amount of tokens purchased is 100 DVX. Early participants will receive a discount on the DVX price during token sale. To purchase Devolve tokens, you are required to register on www.DevolveDeveloper.io website then follow the purchasing instructions provided in your profile.

No.  With the vast amount of development projects in our pipeline and those not yet attained, the remaining tokens will be issued to income producing projects, increasing the value of the token.

You will be able to purchase the Devolve token on the open market which will be available in the near future.  Make sure to register for our newsletter or join our social media groups to stay update to date with current events.


Yes. The team’s and advisor’s tokens are locked up for a period of 48 months.

This should happen 30 - 60 days after the end of the token sale.

Yes, we do have a bounty program. Information about the program is available on our blog and social media.

After the end of the token sale every participant will receive their purchased DVX tokens in their requested ETH wallets in accordance with the purchase agreement.

Devolve Developer is a sound real estate developer with extensive experience in this market. Our prominent team and advisory board with public success-stories would not be associated with illegitimate firms or activities.  Our mission is to create a new paradigm for global real estate investments and commerce transactions leveraging blockchain technology to provide security, transparency and efficiency.

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