The New Era of Real Estate Development

Devolve Developer is the first blockchain-based global real estate platform that will disrupt the real estate industry.

The new global standard
in real estate

Devolve’s Global Partners and Supporters

Devolve has many international developers on board to help build this global blockchain.

Devolve Developer Distributed Real Estate Revolution

Distributive technology improves capital mobility with borderless investing in the $217 trillion real estate industry by disintegrating the barriers of conventional real estate investing and realizing extraordinary returns.

Devolve Developer will reshape the real estate industry with the emergence of a new business model leveraging a decentralized technology that creates access, increases efficiencies and reduces costs. Empowering individuals around the world with a trusted and transparent technology, Devolve Developer will discard many of the conventional hindrances and create a fully interconnected global economy that is completely peer-to-peer contributing to improved worldwide capital flow.

Creating a WIN for Real Estate Participants

Creating access to global real estate inventory and unlocking international private funds in pursuit of higher returns through blockchain technology will shift focus towards private capital for investments. With an increase in investors searching for global diversification, demand for the investable real estate environment will expand substantially creating greater opportunities. Devolve Developer’s innovative real estate platform fulfills the needs of the investment community for shorter maturities and greater liquidity with new types of risk-hedged opportunities

capital flow

Real Estate Investment Strategies

The common real estate investment methods of renting and flipping properties generate modest returns. Devolve Developer capitalizes on the underutilized high return investment strategies in the primary real estate industry – Real Estate Development

Real estate investors enter the market as a speculator, end user or long term investor who use the most common investment strategies of buy & hold, renting/leasing and flipping property. These strategies are highly saturated due to their ease of entry and respectable profitability margins.

  • Home purchases are long term investments where future appreciation is exposed to market fluctuations and economic factors.
  • Renting property produces remedial returns and includes the burden of property management.
  • Flipping property generates modest returns, but lack of time, money and knowledge adversely impact profit margins.

Property development offers all the common benefits of investing in real estate such as stability, leverage, inflation resistant and increased equity, with the addition of producing high yields at an exponential rate.

Real Estate Development Strategy

Unparalleled to conventional investment strategies, real estate development is the superior underemployed investment approach. Predominantly abandon by individual investors for the high barriers of entry, this wholesale strategy produces unprecedented returns in greater than traditional investment strategies. Devolve Developer leverages blockchain technology to remove the conventional barriers associated with development strategies, increasing utilization of this investment vehicle and producing exponential income for participants.

Real Estate Development

Blockchain technology creates the opportunity to participate in the impenetrable primary real estate market to access global opportunities and earn exponential returns.

In the multi-trillion dollar real estate industry, substantial profits are generated with the operation of property development strategies. From land rezoning to building subdivisions, these strategies produce superior investment performance in contrast to renting and flipping property. As an ignored opportunity by most individual investors, profits are secured for institutional investment firms and accredited investors who can wield the challenges of large capital requirements and elevated inherent risks.

Devolve Developer will alleviate the risks and barriers of real estate development and open the gateway to these high yielding opportunities. With the use of blockchain technology, the market will experience increased participation from individuals that will multiply global capital flow and fundamentally expand cross border income. Now individuals from all over the world can access the high returns of this investment environment.


Portfolio Modelling

The Next Generation of
Global Real Estate

The need for a divergent real estate business model is preeminent. Devolve Developer’s digitized platform will be disruptive and leading edge, collapsing the challenges of conventional norms.

Industry Challenges

Large capital obligation

Only large institutions and accredited investors can afford the characteristically large capital requirement to participate in real estate development industry

Excessive intermediation costs

The high cost of intermediation slows down the transaction process, delays closings and  reduces profitability for buyers, sellers and investors

Geographical Segmentation

Geographic divergence producing new models of regionalization limiting investments to local boundaries

Lengthy life cycle

Real estate’s antiquated system produces extended transaction duration which increases risk sensitivities and prolongs the realization of returns

Illiquidity Inefficiencies

The inability to exploit profitable opportunities by timely transferring capital from one real estate asset to another is a hindrance

Thin market place

Finding an interested party who satisfies the criteria  to assign/sell your investment, whether procedural or financial is arduous

Devolve Resolution

Capital affordability

Devolve Developer’s digital platform democratizes participation and eliminates the large capital requirement alloting any amount of Devolve tokens to development projects

Higher profitability

Blockchain technology provide digital automation to intermediation and reduces costs, enhances services, and creates a higher return for you

Access to global investment opportunities

Distributive technology grants access to our global inventory of development projects

Flexible life cycle

Smart contracts govern transactions that reduces the processing time and gives user autonomy to earn additional tokens and reallocate positions


Devolve developer’s exchange API allows users to effortlessly reallocate between projects and easily sell tokens on an exchange

Efficient ecosystem

Tokenization standardizes real estate assets to make it fungible and creates a market for ease of transform


  • Purging current restrictions to global capital flow and accessibility
  • Creating highly profitably opportunities
  • Generate a worldwide paradigm shift of wealth


Real Estate Development Projects

Devolve Platform Ecosystem

A digital platform backed by tangible assets with the propensity for high profit margins and the independence to manage risk makes it attractive to all investors.

The Devolve Platform is the first high quality platform backed by hard assets engaging in large real estate development projects suitable for both institutional and individual investors. With the use of smart contracts, Devolve Platform will automate real estate development projects by connecting participants with projects on a distributed platform that would otherwise not be accessible.

The Devolve Platform assesses viable development project opportunities and grants access to everyday investors to participate. Acquired development projects undergo a rigorous evaluation process to determine the eligibility for the program. Participants can search and compare approved projects and allocate tokens to their selected projects to automatically earn rewards.


Development Project Rewards Program


Smart contracts will determine and manage the distribution of rewards based on the performance of development projects and the allocation the DVX token to participating token holders.

DVX tokens rewarded from development projects can be:


Correcting Real Estate Investment Problems

Blockchain technology and smart contracts create a new paradigm for real estate development by removing conventional barriers and establishing a more effective ecosystem.

High yielding projects
with no inherent risk

How Devolve Real Estate Platform works


Revolutionary Token Value

Devolve token is a real estate asset backed token that is highly profitable, stores tangible value and ensures liquidity. Usable. Tradeable. Contribute.

Devolve token (DVX) is the native token on the Devolve Platform and will be used for participating in development project opportunities and future platform programs. The blockchain and smart contract technologies will increase the utility of the Devolve token to include additional services and functionalities such as shopping among our merchant providers, property registration, property valuation and real estate transaction management.

Generate exponential rewards
with real asset backed tokens
  • Grows in Value

    Driven by  the profitability of development projects, growth of the platform and utility of the token

  • Backed by Real Estate

    Secured against the value of  global real estate assets with claims on receivables

  • Accessibility

    Global access to development projects and a community of token holders and merchants

  • Usable, Tradable, Contribute

    Participate in global real estate market, trade tokens on exchanges and purchase items from affiliated merchants

Devolve Video

Explore the new era of real estate development on the blockchain


Participate, Hedge & Grow

Build your portfolio with an exceptional rewards model and hedge against the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Grow your portfolio exponentially creating a maximum token value.

Access multi-million dollar
development projects

Why Devolve Developer?

  • Global team of real estate experts with over 60 years of experience and our technological board of advisors will ensure efficient effective blockchain business operations
  • Token holders’ direct participation in the ever-increasing potential of the real estate development market
  • Rewards program is operable immediately allowing token holders to generate rewards while future platform programs are in development
  • Superior disruptive technologies with advanced mobility, versatility and scalability to secure competitive real estate projects globally using our renowned predictive algorithm model
  • Visit our FAQ for more information

Devolve Token Sale

Devolve Developer is conducting a token sale for potential contributors to gain access to the high yielding real estate development marketplace. Devolve Developer secured the necessary partnerships from industry players with a current development project portfolio spanning across 3 continents and continuously growing.

Development projects directly financed with token sale capital. Participate now to earn rewards

DVX is an ERC-20 token

Token Sale

Celebrities Involved with Devolve

Avitesh Shrivastava
Avitesh Shrivastava
Ambassador for Devolve Developer

Avitesh Shrivastava, son of late singer-composer Aadesh Shrivastava and famous actress Vijayta Pandit, is the newest rising star on the Bollywood scene inheriting both of his parents’ talents. With a distinguished musical background, Avitesh spent many years composing music with his late father, working with acclaimed composers in Bollywood films such as Baabul and Baghban, and composing the title track of Amitabh Bachchan’s talk show Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi.

Launching his singing career in an international music video with two-time Grammy Award winner, Giorgio Tuinfort, Avitesh possesses a music portfolio consisting of popular songs such as, One for the World with his father and Akon, Angel of Peace and Aao Hum Tum Milkar. More recently, Avitesh is making his Bollywood acting debut by working on the latest film by renowned director Remo D’Souza.

Main Hua Tera releasing November 19th, 2018Learn More

Take a look at why so many different celebrities from around the world choose to be a part of Devolve.

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